Our Diedrich Roaster
Our very first artisan roast! After a detailed consultation with our artisan about what “notes” we are looking to bring out from our beans, we created our own unique roast! The whole process is just amazing! The result today is a unique medium roast that we will call “medio” which is Portuguese for medium. This picture is of the beans just as they dropped out of the roaster into the cooling tray.

Next we developed our “Ponto” roast. This is a profile inspired by Higino. When roasting his beans, with his village roaster, he always asks them to be roasted “to the point”. He describes this as the perfect point between a medium and dark roast. We have been drinking his perfect “to the point” roast for years and it is the inspiration behind the formation of our company.

Label Artwork

Girls on Black
We were so privileged to be able to collaborate with a very talented artist, Stacey Grainger, who created our original artwork by hand. The inspiration behind our label, is of course that Matt and I are the proud parents of three amazingly beautiful girls! We have a long history of girls in the family, my grandmother , my mother and myself were one of three girls. We were drawn to the art-deco style in particular because of the significance of the era.  This style combines traditional craft motifs with more modern imagery. We felt this fit in with our model of taking a craft, like coffee roasting, done for centuries and refining it with “modern perfection”.

Stacey was awesome to work with and is incredibly talented! Please visit her website to learn more about her and her amazing work!

Our Green Beans Arrive!

Just a few weeks ago, Higino (our farmer), sent us 44 lbs of green beans so we could get to work developing our roast profiles with our artisan roaster in Seattle.  The beans arrived today, directly from the farm to our front door! We have our first profile development session with our artisan soon! Stay tuned!