Our Story

Quest Coffee Company was founded when we were presented with a rare opportunity to source green coffee beans from a small, century old estate in Brazil. Purchasing our coffee from the grower, Higino, and importing it ourselves directly benefits Higino, his harvesters, and their community. In return, you are able to enjoy the freshest, highest-quality coffee available.

Direct Trade

We purchase our green coffee beans directly from the grower, Higino, and import them ourselves. This relationship not only ensures quality, traceability, and freshness, but also offers Higino and his workers a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the sale of their coffee. For more information, see our Direct Trade page.

Shared Profits

We pay fair prices and return a percentage of profits to the estate, augmenting wages and medical funds for the harvesters.

Quality and Traceability

Our beans are sourced from a single estate and our personal relationship with Higino ensures that we receive only his best. And you will always know what harvest the beans came from; it’s on the bag.


Our beans are transported by air directly from the Magrinelli estate to our front door in just a few days. This means that our beans bypass the commercial shipping routes most importers use; they don’t sit for months in contaminated shipping containers subjected to highly variable temperatures and humidity before even making it to the US, let alone the roaster.


Our coffee beans are grown at 860 meters (2822 feet) without irrigation in conditions that promote slower growth, resulting in a smaller, denser bean packed with flavor. They are hand-picked at their peak of ripeness to ensure only beans of the highest quality are enclosed in this bag.


This isn’t a new buzz word for Higino, it’s a core principle. Tending to an estate that has been in the family for over a century, he works closely with an agronomist and is committed to farming practices what will ensure it remains that way for another century.


We store our green beans at a constant temperature in a humidity-controlled environment so that our beans are at the proper moisture levels when roasted.

Small-batch Roasting

We roast in small batches to ensure consistency, and to make sure that our roasted beans never go stale before being sold. Check for the roast date located on the bottom of each bag.

Personal Attention

We want to create the most amazing coffee experience for our customers and be there for you every step of the way! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help refining your home brewing method. Furthermore, being a small roaster, we are also able to create a custom coffee experience, including roast profiles and bags, tailored to your style; please contact us for more information.

Our logo is a significant familial symbol; beginning a century ago with our grandmother, our girls are the fourth set of three girls in the family. The girls depicted are ours, portrayed as three grown women. We hope Quest Coffee Co. is run by our grandchildren someday!